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Friday, July 27, 2007

Ron Paul ‘Spammers’ Spam Local Charity With Wall of Food

While Ron Paul visited Spartanburg South Carolina to deliver a speech, his supporters were taking a little action of their own. Over and over it has been said that all of Ron Paul’s supporters are not real people but simply a few spammers because no news station can quite understand that the man generally draws interest in his stances on non-interventionism, limited government, and a return to liberties that have been lost over the last administration.

Instead of heralding this man of principle and picking up on the overwhelming thirst Americans seem to have for Ron Paul’s message, the mainstream media instead pretends it is not real. When Ron Paul takes a commanding lead in a debate poll, the media giants claim that he must have only a few supporters who are “spamming” the polls. When he comes out ahead on Internet polls, pollsters take his name off the list of choices because they accuse his supporters of “skewing” their numbers (by somehow refusing to cooperate and let the shows reflect the pollsters opinions rather than the people’s.)

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