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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Greenville Rally

America Supports Ron Paul: A Report On Today's Rally In Greenville, SC

Today was transformative for me.

Not because I met Ron Paul in the flesh for the first time -- though that did happen, at the campaign rally in Greenville, South Carolina. I even shook his hand, and suggested he quiz Fed Chairman Bernanke on how exactly the shadowy and mysterious "inflation expectations" he always cites could be the source of actual inflation.

No, the day was a watershed for me not because of Ron Paul -- whom I understand pretty well and am already in support of -- but because of everyone except Ron Paul at that rally. The surprise to me was the people.

You see, I went in expecting an audience which was somehow "not normal", indescribably; maybe quirky or geeky; paranoid; socially-awkward; heavily biased towards "fringe" types. You know, internet people.

Well, if these were "internet people," we apparently need to rethink our notion of what the internet consists of. Because this audience was America.

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