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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Finally....Positive coverage from the Main Stream Media!

MSNBC sent a reporter to the D.C. area Meetup last Friday and the result was a remarkably fair and positive article. I am particularly heartened and excited by the torrent of comments that the article generated and the overwhelmingly positive tenor of almost all of them. I recommend that you read the article and some of the comments as well.

Two things really come through for me. First, Ron Paul supporters are really pumped up. Second, they REALLY get it! The depth and intelligence of most of the respondents shows a remarkable amount of work to understand the issues and find ways of communicating them that people can understand and relate to. When you do find the odd negative comment, rather than the attacking the poster, the following comments seek to clarify and educate him/her about the stakes, the issues, and the philosophy behind it.

After working a hellishly tough 13 hour day at the campaign headquarters, reading this stiffened my spine and raised my spirits remarkably! The Revolution is in full swing and Americans across the country, and around the world, are waking up and demanding change.

Note: I wrote this on Tuesday, but Blogger has convinced itself that I am a spambot despite the fact that this site was started in 1994. I don't know if this has to do with the assumption that all of Ron Paul's support comes from 7 guys with mad computer skills living in their parents' basement or if it was just a weird random coincidence. Either way, I'm sorry you are just now reading this...and what ever I've posted in the last couple of days. - Free2Smooze

Posted: Monday, July 23, 2007 3:50 PM by Domenico Montanaro

From NBC's Andrew Merten

As First Read noted last week, GOP dark horse candidate Ron Paul now has more cash on hand than once-supposed frontrunner John McCain. While the Texas congressman hasn’t held nearly as financially demanding nationwide schedule as McCain, he has developed a grassroots following that aids in spreading name recognition and raising money. We, at the NBC Political Unit, were interested in Paul’s grassroot support -- which has been dubbed “The Ron Paul Revolution” -- and decided to attend an organizational meeting/pizza party here in Washington to see how the group operates.

Meeting on a rooftop deck of a downtown Washington apartment building, about 50 Paul supporters -- relying heavily on the internet for their organizational and social networking -- got together Friday evening to discuss campaign volunteering activities, make a YouTube video, and of course, raise some money for their candidate (bringing in $2,500 that night). Jeff Frazee, the 24-year-old organizer of the event, who will soon be starting as a youth coordinator for the official campaign, said that spreading name recognition is a primary goal of the group, and that this meeting served mainly as a meet-and-greet for members and to plan future activities, such as handing out Paul pamphlets at subway stops and baseball games. “The more people learn about Ron Paul, the higher his polling numbers go,” said Frazee, adding that the inverse is true Republican front-runner Giuliani.


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