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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Are the Neo-Cons Running from Ron Paul?

From Libertyman

By not attending the CNN/YouTube Republican Presidential Debate the so called front runners in the GOP race are refusing Ron Paul a battle he would likely win, and they are hoping to cling to a win of the nomination based on those votes from the willfully ignorant of the new direction inspired by Ron Paul’s leadership in getting us out of Iraq, restoring our lost civil liberties, repairing our friendships throughout the world, and all of the other tough leadership skills it will take to cut the government down to size from this unsustainable leviathan form that it now is in. The kind of Presidency that Ron Paul would give will be nothing like this embarrassment and humiliation that has been brought on to the GOP by these “Neo-Conned” war party pirates.

Their new tactic seems to be to deny him battle in order to coast through and sustain their lead by staying away from a direct side by side comparison to the most principled and most sincere intellect that Congressman Ron Paul displays in these debates. Then recently the so called front runners in the GOP are said to be rejecting attendance at the Texas GOP Straw poll where some 50,000 past and current delegates will attend and vote, and we see once again these Neo-Cons duck a direct line up next to Ron Paul and in his home state no less.

When will the running away from Ron Paul end. I hope it ends when Ron Paul is picked for the GOP Nomination for President in 2008.


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