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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Organizations that came through

The Salvation Army - Which according to the Mayor of New Orleans, “ they just do”. The next day, they had already set up and were serving hot meals in front of their demolished office in New Orleans. All of this despite the fact that the Red Cross insisted it was impossible to get into the area.

Allstate Insurance - When they claim they are the ‘good hands people’, they really are. They could be seen around town helping others.

Wal-Mart - Another organization who was in New Orleans & Biloxi the next day…again, despite the fact that the Red Cross said you couldn’t get into the area. They donated trucks filled with items and hired people on the spot who were left unemployed.

Shoe Station - A chain store in the Southern US. They donated over 20,000 pairs of shoes within days.

Banking Institutions & Credit Unions - You will hear that there is no way a disaster like this could have been prepared for (Gov. organizations). However, private organizations did have master plans in place. The banking industry had an emergency network that went into effect right away.

Local Churches - Know that goods that you donated to your local churches have been received and distributed appropriately. They run circles around the Feds.

Kara Tyson - Mobile, Alabama


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous cdrgonzo said...

Another group that came through in the clutch was the N.O. Zoo. They had an excellent emergency plan that was well carried out. Too bad they weren't in charge of Fema. It is also regrettable that impovrished blacks were treated worse than animals, literally.

12:23 PM  

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