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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Canvassing Basics

Canvassing Basics

The neighborhood canvass is one of the most tried and tested forms of political outreach available to a campaign. The following overview should give the reader a basic understanding of the goals, functions and mechanics of administering a successful canvassing program.


· To raise awareness of campaign; and election event

· To provide information about the candidate

· To identify supporters and likely voters

· To provide a record of supporters for future outreach/GOTV efforts

· To identify opportunities to activate supporters on behalf of the campaign

· To identify opportunities to place yard signs/bumper stickers with supporters


· Materials

o Clip Board

o Canvassing forms

o Mechanical Pencils

o Literature

o Door Hanging Packets

o Bumper Stickers

o Backpack

o Precinct Map

· Dress Code – Wear your campaign shirts, buttons, hats, etc. Make yourselves easily identifiable.

· Divide into two person teams

o Person 1 – Speaker (Door knock, Talk to voter, Answer questions, provide literature)

o Person 2 – Secretary (Fill out forms, Door Hang)

· Use precinct map to identify target area.

· Communicate between teams to ensure that efforts aren’t duplicated.

· Target areas that are “voter rich” for your candidate/issue.

o Plan issue focus consistent with the concerns, culture of the local area

· Plan to canvass during “high opportunity” times, i.e. between noon and dusk; and on weekends.


· Google “XXX county precinct map” or check state election site.

· Print and disperse maps to canvassing teams

· Prepare door hanging packets, canvass forms and literature

· Disperse teams to assigned precincts

· Meet up at an assigned time and location

o Collect forms to give to campaign representative

o Report progress

§ Determine yard sign placement schedule

§ Activate new volunteers

§ Plan for the next days canvass


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