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Monday, September 05, 2005

Come On Mr. President, Let's put a black, female Libertarian on the bench

A black woman with a compelling personal story, Janice Rogers Brown was recently confirmed to a seat on the D.C. circuit appeals court.

She is an outspoken proponent of property rights and a strict constructionist, a quality the the President has said is essential to his considerations in selecting a nominee.

Polls show that over 60% of Americans believe that if the President nominates a well-qualified conservative, the Senate should confirm.

Brown's judicial temperment, and her fiery rhetoric, is far more libertarian than conservative, a fact that came out in her confirmation hearings. Despite this, and despite the tepid defense offered by the Republicans on her behalf, she was still confirmed and, I believe, would also be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

The Democrats will throw a fit and call her a radical, but the Dem's have gone to that well so often of late that it is unlikely to succeed.

It is essential for the health of our republic that judges who believe in and will enforce the Constitution, as written, are put in prominent positions on the highest federal and state courts in the nation. Janice Rogers Brown is a patriot and scholar whose time has come.
The Freeman's Burden ask you to join the call for her nomination and appointment to the US Supreme Court.
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