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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Update

I just watched a FEMA press conference where the director attempted to deflect their own criminal incompetence by BLAMING THE VICTIMS. To paraphrase, "Everytime someone complains about the conditions, there is a TV camera right there, but what you don't see are the grand mothers quietly and patiently waiting in the background."

Do not let them spin this!

Last year, FEMA ran a drill in which they assumed this very senario. However, the drill was predicated on the President signing an order in advance of hurricane landfall that would allow them to pre-stage resources in the nearby states. That order never came.

When the Terry Shiavo case was news, congress cut short their vacations to return to Washington to pass a late Sunday night resolution. It has now been four days since the hurricane and Congress is just now bothering to return to Washington.

As of Thursday:
National Guard troops in Iraq - c. 67,000
National Guard troops in Louisiana - c. 2800


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:54 PM  
Anonymous Angie said...

Your absolutly right!! I cant believe the audacity of FEMA to blame the victims. Its sad how long its taking to get relief there and the fact that our president hasnt even been there yet is just disgraceful. What the hell is wrong with our country?

3:02 PM  
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