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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Constitution Constipation

The link below leads to an English translation of the Iraqi draft Constitution. The final document looks a lot more like the French social democracy then the American federal republic. It enshrines universal healthcare and a robust role for government in many facets of Iraqi life. It also establishes Islam as the state religion and as the primary source of law.

That said, it also is very unambiguous in its guarantees of equality before the law, women's rights and minority rights. Whether this Constitution will ever be the law of the land is another question entirely as voters in the four Sunni dominated provinces race to register to vote. Only three provinces must reject the Constitution in order to throw the whole process into the trash and force the dissolution of the assembly and new elections. As I look at the power structures and dynamics in place, I have a difficult time imagining how this document can possibly be approved.

Failure to approve this Constitution would create a serious crisis and likely end any hope for the aversion of a wider civil war. Things are likely going to go from bad to worse for the Bush Administration and for the Iraqi people.


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