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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Do it to us one more time (Presidential Debate #3) (Post-debate analysis)

I really have not believed in the last year that the Democrats had a real chance of taking the presidency in this cycle. I' m not so sure now. The idea that John Kerry, an aristocrat and political whore of the highest order, might obtain the top office in the free world now seems likely, but strangely comforting. Bush clearly does not deserve to win and should be turned out, but the idea of a liberal Democrat running the government doesn't scare me as much as it has in years past. Perhaps that is because four years of one party rule has proven that dissent is not enough, the checks of the opposition are necessary to prevent, well....this. Don't get me wrong, I would rather chew my arm off than vote for Kerry, but the Republicans will control congress, the conservative Supreme Court Justices will hold off to retire and, with all the bitterness between the parties, no legislation will move. Kerry will be blamed for the continuing mess in Iraq and he will be forced to follow pretty much the same course as Bush. I thought four years ago that a Gore win would assure Republican dominance for years to come and I imagine a Kerry win will have the same effect. It is a lot easier to oppose then lead. John Kerry may soon find this out.
On an unrelated note, with oil over $50 a barrel, Venezuela has just increased the royalties it charges foreign oil companies to drill by over 16x! Hugo Chavez calls move a step towards nationalization. I call it a step towards an investment in a scooter, or roller blades. I already drive a Metro, I can't even afford to keep the hampster wheels in the driveshaft stocked!


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