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Friday, October 08, 2004

Questioning the Candidates

Later tonight, John Kerry and George Bush will meet in the second of their three debates. This one will be a "townhall" style meeting where undecided voters will ask the candidates questions through a moderator. This got me thinking about what I would ask the candidates if I had a chance. For George Bush, "In 2000 you ran as a free trader. Since then you have used the power of the Presidency to impose trade restrictions on seafood, lumber and steel. Your administration has pulled out of free trade talks and recommended the imposition of economic sanctions on several occasions. You accuse John Kerry of flip-flopping, what do you say to economic conservatives that voted for you four years ago because they believed they were getting a free trader in the White House?" John Kerry is tougher because I am still not sure where he stands on most issues. My first thought was, "What the f*** are you talking about?" I realize the need to be more specific, so I narrowed it down to, "You have said, on varies occasions that you will withdrawal U.S. troops within six months, you would internationalize the occupation, we must win no matter the cost, we are spending to much, Saddam Hussein is a threat to American security, Iraq was the wrong war at the the wrong time and we must not wither in the face of terror. You have called for a large coalition and UN support, but when we had those things for the first Gulf War, you voted against it. Senator Kerry, What the f*** are you talking about?"
If you could ask the candidates any question you want, what would it be? E-mail me at or simply click the "comment" link and then click the "post comment" and then choose the "comment anonymously" link.
If you haven't seen Jib-Jabs musical cartoons about the presidential race called "Good to be in D.C." and "This Land" than your in for a treat when you click the link below. (Rated PG-13, Flash Required)


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