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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ron Paul Defying the Odds

From USA Daily
Larry Fester

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul continues to defy the odds and the media produced polls demonstrating support based on issues and ideas.

The cult of Ron Paul is truly a cult of individuals emanating from all walks of life. Still mostly Republican, Paul’s base of supporters includes many Independents and a growing number of Democrats.

Ron Paul has muscled his way just barely making it into the top tier of candidates by drawing large crowds at rallies across the country and raising 5 million in the third quarter. That number is five times what Mike Huckabee raised and leaves Paul with almost a couple million in cash above what John McCain has.

While the GOP frontrunner Rudy Giuliani has 16 million in cash, Ron Paul has 5.3 million on hand. Still far behind Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney, Paul’s campaign must be encouraged by the success.

In fact, if the current trend of fund raising and spending were to continue by the candidates Paul could possible end up with as much cash in hand as the frontrunners by the time of the New Hampshire primary. Paul’s campaign is running a lean machine living off the land.

In some respects Ron Paul’s campaign is making history with his online fund raising efforts. The Ron Paul campaign true to free market form is letting it all hang out so to speak by showing online donations in real time on its website.

The move is bold and daring but it shows a growing confidence in a campaign that believes it can win the Republican nomination. While the GOP nomination is up for grabs one thing is clear, Ron Paul can win it.

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