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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Nothing Succeeds like Success

Below is a letter I sent today to South Carolina GOP county chairs

My fellow Republicans -

I am writing to address a subject of the highest concern to us all, the success and continuing viability of the Republican party in 2008. It is an uncomfortable fact for us all that, in stark contrast to historic trends, the Democrats are raising far more money and polling much higher than we are in this cycle.

The reason for their new found success is clear...opposition to the continuing occupation of Iraq and general disapproval of the Bush administration is nearly universal. As of this moment, over 70% of all Americans oppose the continuation of the Iraq nation-building exercise.

The Republican base is shrinking. Although disappointment with the Democrats inability to change course since the 2006 mid-terms has resulted in a high level of frustration with their party as well, none of the media-deemed Republican front runners are situated to take advantage of this frustration.

However, one candidate continues to prove that he can expand the base and attract independents, disaffected Democrats, and traditional conservatives who have pulled away from the party as it continue to drift towards greater statism and paternalism and away from traditional conservative values such as liberty, sovereignty, individualism, and capitalism.

That candidate is Dr. Ron Paul.

With the Nation rejecting the welfare/warfare model of the Bush years, only a Republican who has his roots in our greatest traditions can hope to undermine the ambitions of Hillary Clinton.

Analysis shows that a pro-war Republican candidate WILL lose in 2008.

If Clinton wins, we all lose.

Dr. Paul's campaign announced today that it raised an impressive 5.1 million dollars in the third quarter. That is a 114% increase over the second quarter. This while the special interest-funded candidacies of John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Rudy Guiliani saw double digit declines in their fund-raising percentages during the same time period. Even more impressive is the fact that Dr. Paul's average donation was less than $50. This shows a broad base of support that the other campaigns could only hope for.

If you have attended a gun show, fair, parade or GOP event in the last few months, than you know that the Paul campaign has inspired a network of grassroots activists that is unmatched within either party's candidates. As of this writing, he has almost 10 times as many MeetUp volunteers as his closest rival. Every metric we use to measure the success of this campaign continues to climb at remarkable rates while those same metrics for the other candidates in the GOP field continue to fall.

Please consider the implications of these facts.


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