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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ron Paul is a first tier candidate. Only fools continue to say otherwise

From: Ron Paul Daily

You hear it time and time again…in articles, in blog posts, in comments. Stop wasting your vote, he has no chance. But reality is quite the opposite. Only an ignorant person would still try using those claims(but then again these same people think we are actually helping this country in Iraq).

Let’s look at statistics shall we?

First lets look at the polls. A) Straw Polls: Ron Paul has come in the top 3 in almost every single straw poll. He has also won most of them. In fact, if you add up all the people who voted in each straw poll since the campaigns began…Ron Paul is actually in the first place in the amount of people who voted for him.(and that includes the period before he became a sensation) B) Debates: Ron Paul has won every unbiased televised debate, except for one where he came in 2nd. Now I know some of you will say they spammed the polls…well WRONG…you couldn’t spam the polls, because you could only vote once per phone #(click here for proof). And lets not forget he has been doing better and better in each debate…in the last FOX debate Ron Paul came in FIRST, with twice as many votes as the 2nd guy. C) Gallop polls…Ron Paul is at 4% nationally according to Gallop. Some of you will think that’s not that good…but its quiet the contrary. 1. Gallop Polls don’t even mention Ron Paul by name when polling people. 2. Most people have not made up their mind yet(66%), and only about 12% are 100% behind their candidate. Everyone knows Mitt Romney/Rudy Giuliani/John McCain/Fred Thompson, Ron Paul will continue gaining traction as more and more voters find out about him. 3. Ron Paul support is not actually measured by the Gallop polls. They only measure past primary voters(those people who were registered Republicans and voted in 2000)…but only about 25% of Ron Paul supporters voted in the 2000 Republican primary…that means that Ron Paul’s numbers are not 4%, but actually close to 16%...and lets not forget, that this also ignores people who weren't 18 in 2000, which means if you are 25 and younger, you are not even counted. And we all know thats the group where Ron Paul gets most of his support from.

Then let’s look at other numbers: a grassroots network that dwarfs the competition(47,831 members + 5,487 interested, growing at 6% per week)…compared to less than a 200 for the 2nd place, and 0 for Rudy(his $$$ comes from big money lawyers and not real people). Each of these meetup members have spent a lot of time and money campaigning for Ron Paul. Other candidates may have millions of dollars, but they need to buy this kind of support(which they actively do...from paying for straw Mitt Romney's super volunteers who get paid $500 a month). Just look at competition: Rudy Giuliani is yet to win a straw poll as far as I know. (0 out of what 25? Who named this guy a front runner?) Mitt Romney only wins after spending millions on straw polls. He has not won one straw poll where he didn’t have to pay for people to vote. (Once again who named this guy a front runner?) John McCain? Once again, only wins when his campaign pays for votes. (And why is this guy still a front runner when he is broke?). Fred Thompson? Yes that guy does win once in a while…by supporters who have yet to hear him speak(neo-cons go in, disenfranchised voters come out). He only sounds decent when he is reading a script...why do you think he has skipped 3 debates so far?(yes I count the NH debate, because announcing your candidacy 30 minutes after a debate is equivalent to skipping it)

This brings me to the money primary. Ron Paul is currently having a competition to raise $500,000 in 1 week. Is that a goal for someone who is a 2nd tier? But WAIT! Ron Paul's support is even better than that. Ron Paul will raise the $500,000 in about 3 days, 14 hours…giving him plenty of time to raise $1,000,000 in 1 week. These are HARDLY 2nd tier numbers. Look at John Edwards on the democratic side…he is a front runner and is also aiming to raise 1 million dollars. But unlike Ron…he is raising 1 million in 10 days, while we are going to do it in 7. And if you are still wondering…by comparison, a 2nd tier candidate…Mike Huckabee(who gets labeled a front runner, even though he isn't), has set a goal of 2,500 donations for the month of September. He is currently at 1,700 after 2 weeks of fund raising. That’s PATHETIC…and shows exactly why Ron Paul is a front runner compared to him. And lets not forget that Ron Paul does not spend money like a drunken sailor…so he will have the cash to mount up a serious campaign when the time comes to it.

The Q3 numbers will show once and for all that only an ignorant person who has no clue what’s going on in this country…would call someone like Ron Paul a 2nd tier. The movement is in motion.

Next let’s look at other stats. 70% of the country is against the war in Iraq and 33% of Republicans are against the war in Iraq. To quote a Wall Street Journal article ““when half the room at the Republican debate erupts in applause for the anti-war candidate, something is going on.”.

The ONLY candidate in the GOP who has been steadily rising instead of free falling is Ron Paul. The ONLY candidate who surpasses all expectations is Ron Paul. The ONLY candidate who stands a chance of winning the general election is Ron Paul.

We do not need to win majority of Republicans over. Hell with 5 front runners(Giuliani, Thompson, Romney, McCain, Huckabee)…we probably don’t even need to win ¼ of republicans over. We need to win over just enough Republicans, and register just enough independents to win this thing. And contrary to popular belief…you do not need majority of the country to do this. A small group of people CAN make a difference…if they vote.

Judging by past primaries, only about 12 million Republicans voted in the 2000 primary. The primary where the Christian right came out and voted in mass. Those numbers will not be repeated again. The GOP has been decimated in the past 8 years under Bush. Some GOP organizations are even going bankrupt because of lack of interest. So in 2008 expect a total of 6 million Republicans to vote…if they are lucky(not a lot of interest for the GOP this year). That’s an average of 120,000 votes per state. Which means you can win the nomination by getting as little as 30,000 votes per state…which is EASILY achievable, considering how dedicated Ron Paul supporters are.

So go ahead and change your party affiliation to Republican…it takes as little as 5 minutes…and come primaries…you can actually make a difference in this country. 1 vote can make a difference. You can rescue this nation from the path to destruction it has been put on by the Bush administration.

This actually brings me to a good point…the front runners who some support based solely on the fact that they are front runners. Do NOT need your vote. 1-2 votes makes absolutely no difference for them(and yes this includes Obama). But these same 1-2 votes are worth a lot more when you make them for the best candidate running. These same 1-2 votes can help fix this country.

Democrat or Republican it doesn’t really matter in 2008 election, all of them are in cahoots….you may think your Democrats want out of the war…but neither Obama or Clinton were willing to make a statement in yesterday's debate that they’ll pull the troops out by 2013!!!! Do you understand how sick that is? 6 years from now we’ll still be in Iraq. And that’s coming from candidates who claim to be against the war. After last night's debate, Ron Paul is the only chance this country has of ending the war in Iraq.

This country was fooled in 2000 by a man who ran on non-intervention and no nation building, who lied to our face about what he planned to do. Don’t let it happen again. Do the proper legwork. Only vote for the candidate who has the RECORD of keeping his campaign promises. Only vote for the candidate who is not lying to your face to get your votes. Only vote for the candidate who does not pander to different groups in order to get elected. And that man is RON PAUL. He is the only one, who you can trust…and that’s a very sad state of how things are in this country. <--help part of exceeding expectations - Look up to see if your state is a closed primary. If it is, you need to be registered as a Republican in order to vote in the primaries. Make your vote count


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