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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ahhh...I love the smell of good press in the morning

Many awakenings: Ron Paul is as surprised as anyone at the near messianic zeal he inspires

Monitor staff

Ron Paul doesn't understand his own success. He didn't know his calls for an end to the Federal Reserve and the Department of Education would draw cheers, that his anti-income tax, anti-foreign intervention and libertarian message would resonate. He was reluctant to run for the Republican presidential nomination, he said yesterday: He was convinced it would take another "generation for education" before his message - rooted in Paul's reading of the Constitution - gained traction.

"I have been just dumbfounded about what's happening," Paul said yesterday in Manchester's Veteran's Park, where roughly 500 supporters gathered for a glimpse of the presidential candidate. "I've been talking this way for 30 years. But something, something special is happening."

Paul's call: end the IRS

New Hampshire Union Leader Staff

Calls to abolish the Internal Revenue Service and repeal the Constitutional amendment that established the federal income tax drew loud applause yesterday for Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

The Texas Congressman drew an eclectic mix of more than 500 supporters -- young and old, Libertarians and anti-war Democrats, independents and conservative Republicans -- who cheered his message of limited government, low taxes, free markets, bringing the troops home from Iraq, and returning to a monetary policy based on the gold standard.

Ron Paul supporters not quitting, online campaign donations increase

Ron Paul's quixotic campaign may be lurking in the shadows of American mainstream media, but his supporters are still rabidly holding on to the idea their candidate for the United States Presidency may pull an eleventh-hour surprise.

Paul stands for little government involvement and even smaller foreign intervention in matters overseas. He wants an immediate pullout from Iraq, and he also is anti-abortion in his personal stance, drawing conservatives, liberals and moderates alike.

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