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Friday, October 26, 2007

Hillary Clinton's Worst Nightmare

By Noel Gibeson

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Despite her formidable political machine, Hillary Clinton’s worst fear may be that she could be running against Ron Paul in 2008.
Why? Because he may be the Republican that can garner more support from a younger demographic as it gets closer to the election. A recent Rasmussen Report data supports this. According to USA Election Poll, “Ron Paul Better in the General Election than Giuliani and Thompson Among 30 Year Olds; Leads Hillary Clinton 47% to 44% Among 40 Year Olds.”

Why? Because not only is he the only Republican in the contest who is against unnecessary and unconstitutional wars overseas, but because he actually follows the constitution. Young people eagerly support him and much of his support, perhaps as much as 70%, comes from the 20-30 age demographic. They are afraid for the future of this country and that they will have to give more and more of their money to the federal government to manage for them.

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