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Friday, September 21, 2007

The absurdity of calling Ron Paul a "second-tier" candidate

Here is the list of straw poll results for this cycle. How can anyone justify denying that Dr. Paul is a top-tier candidate with win records like this against all of the other Republicans? By this metric, Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney and Dr. Paul ARE the top tier! Yet the mainstream media continues to ignore Dr. Paul. It continued with the PFC Straw Poll yesterday. There were 42 news stories about the poll beforehand and only 8 reports of the results, and those were mostly reprints of an AP story about a comment made by McCain! Any objective observer must conclude that Dr. Paul is not getting a fair shake.

Ron Paul's Head-to-Head Records (Win-Lose-Tie):
Rudy Giuliani 21-3-0
Mitt Romney 14-10-0
Fred Thompson 11-12-0
John McCain 21-2-0
Mike Huckabee 19-3-1
Sam Brownback 20-2-1
Tom Tancredo 21-1-0
Duncan Hunter 20-2-0


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Do you mean the absurdity?

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