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Monday, July 09, 2007

Free2Smooze goes to Washington

I have accepted a position with the Ron Paul 2008 campaign.

After spending a couple weeks in negotiations with the campaign, I will be brought on as an assistant to national campaign coordinator Kent Snyder. This means that I have about 5 days to completely wrap up my life in Seattle and hightail it to D.C. by Friday.

This should be a fun and exciting experience and a chance to work for one of my all time heroes, Dr. Ron Paul, as we remind America what this country was founded on and wake the sleeping giant to liberties lost and opportunities squandered by a bloated and out of control government.

I will continue to blog during this time so that you, my 7 loyal readers, will have an inside window on the campaign and my role as we put the kabosh on Rudy, lay some smack down on Mitt and send Johnny Bomb Iran back to Arizona with his tail between his amnesty lovin' legs.

It should be a fun ride and I look forward to sharing it with all of you.


Blogger The Mustard Man said...

8 loyal readers...

I like Ron Paul and it amazes me how he wins debates and gets no credit.

An organization to which I belong has endorsed a different candidate that I will also consider, but I hope Mr. Paul is still on the ballot when I get to vote in the Georgia primary.

If my final choice comes down to Guilliani or Clinton, I'll write in or vote for the libertarian.

9:54 AM  

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