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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Free2Smooze represents Ron Paul to Minutemen at Immigration Conference

Yours Truly had the opportunity to address the Washington State Anti-Illegal Immigration Summit of The Reagan Wing of the Republican Party and the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps yesterday. I read a letter from Dr. Ron Paul and outlined his platform on immigration for a crowd of about a hundred activists and politicians including Minutemen founder Jim Gilchrist. The response to Dr. Paul's message of sovereignty and liberty was received with raucous cheers and applause. I was overwhelmed by the inquiries about the campaign and requests to get involved. Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo also delivered their messages about immigration.

My address to the summit:

June 30 Address to the Reagan Wing Conference on Immigration

Esteemed guests, members of the Reagan Wing and the Minutemen American Defense, it is my honor and privilege to be here tonight representing Dr. Ron Paul, his campaign, and the seven spammers who have generated wins for Dr. Paul in every post-debate poll, viewed his videos more than a million times on YouTube, created over 380 MeetUp groups around the country, befriended him over 40,000 times on MySpace, and made him one of the top 5 most searched names on the internet. Those are seven very busy spammers.

We wish to especially thank Doug Parris for inviting us here and we wish to thank Jim Gilcrist for his tireless efforts on behalf of the American people. You’re doing God’s work sir; and we are indebted to you for it.

Tonight, I want to talk about Dr. Paul’s unwavering commitment to protecting our borders and defending the sovereignty of our nation. I will also read a letter from Dr. Paul that he has addressed to tonight’s gathering.

This is a day of celebration. The immigration bill is dead. It is, however, a tactical victory, not the final victory. For even as we celebrate, our borders remain under defended and millions of illegal immigrants remain in our country, abusing our public services and shipping wealth back to the corrupt Mexican state that encourages their unlawful acts.

Dr. Paul celebrates this victory with us, even as he cautions restraint, for the forces that seek to undermine our nation and its people will not rest, and neither can we. Dr. Paul is running on a common sense 6 point plan to secure our borders and bring sanity to our immigration policy.

First - Physically secure our borders and coastlines. We must do whatever it takes to control entry into our country before we undertake complicated immigration reform proposals.

Second - Enforce visa rules. Immigration officials must track visa holders and deport anyone who overstays their visa or otherwise violates U.S. law. This is especially important when we recall that a number of 9/11 terrorists had expired visas.

Third - No amnesty. Estimates suggest that 10 to 20 million people are in our country illegally. That’s a lot of people to reward for breaking our laws.

Fourth - No welfare for illegal aliens. Americans have welcomed immigrants who seek opportunity, work hard, and play by the rules. But taxpayers should not pay for illegal immigrants who use hospitals, clinics, schools, roads, and social services.

Fifth - End birthright citizenship. As long as illegal immigrants know their children born here will be citizens, the incentive to enter the U.S. illegally will remain strong.

And Finally - Pass true immigration reform. The current system is incoherent and unfair. But current reform proposals would allow up to 60 million more immigrants into our country, according to the Heritage Foundation. This is insanity. Legal immigrants from all countries should face the same rules and waiting periods.

Dr. Paul‘s campaign is enjoying an amazing groundswell of support throughout our nation. You see, it’s not seven bored libertarian computer nerds that have put this campaign on the map as the mainstream media would have you believe.

It appears, in fact, that Dr. Paul is right…Freedom IS popular.

  • Maybe limited government, states’ rights, personal responsibility and individual liberty are NOT quaint notions of a bygone era.
  • Maybe the Constitution is more than just a rhetorical device to be dusted off for expediency’s sake.
  • Maybe, the government DOES belong to us, not the other way around.
You see, my friends, it is not just Dr. Paul, the man, that inspires us; rather it is what has always inspired us. Whether it’s standard bearer is Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, or Ron Paul…it is the desire for Freedom that is calling us all to act.

It is the desire for freedom that gives us hope for America.

I wish to conclude tonight with Dr. Paul in his own words.

To members of The Reagan Wing and Minuteman American Defense,

Thank you so much for the invitation to address the 2007 Washington State Illegal Immigration Summit. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically support efforts such as yours to educate Americans about the fragile nature of our national sovereignty and to take positive action to restore the Republic entrusted to us by the framers.

While I regret being unable to join you in Everett, I can join you from afar in breathing a momentary sigh of relief after Thursday’s Senate vote. These are very exciting times to witness, as Americans awaken from their collective apathy and somnolence to the realization of liberty lost.

As we all know, however, the obstacles ahead of us remain numerous and daunting. It comforts me to know that the work is made lighter by the many hands we bring to the task, but even more importantly, by the inalienable Rights which underpins it.

Yours in Freedom,

Ron Paul

In honor of this organization’s name sake and its mission to re-ignite the Reagan revolution, I want to close tonight with a couple of quotes from Ronald Reagan about Dr. Paul. The Great Communicator was also a great judge of character and integrity. Of Dr. Paul he said, “Ron Paul is one of the outstanding leaders fighting for a stronger national defense.” And “We need to keep him fighting for our country.”

Remember my friends; having a revolution without Ron Paul is like having nation without borders.

Thank you, and God Bless!


Anonymous cdrgonzo said...

"You're doing God's work, sir" Seriously? You actually said that?

11:58 AM  
Blogger Sasuke uchiha said...

I agree u can't do gods work it just doesn't work that way.

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