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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Ron Paul Iowa Rally Draws hundreds of supporters Paul draws nearly 600 after presidential forum

By Chris Dorsey

DES MOINES -- The lack of an invitation didn't stop Congressman Ron Paul from crashing the party.

Congressman Paul, R-Texas, was not extended an invitation to speak at Saturday's Iowans for Tax Relief/Iowa Christian Alliance forum at Hy-Vee Hall in Des Moines. But, he spoke to more than 600 supporters less than 100 feet away from a forum that saw six of his fellow GOP candidates address more than 800 at the forum.

As the ITR/ICA forum concluded, Paul was greeted by campaign enthusiasts from Iowa, Tennessee, Florida, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Arizona and all points in between.

The out-of-state supporters flocked upon Des Moines after learning Paul was snubbed by the forum organizers. That move resulted in thousands of emails being sent to organizers, and some of of them in a threatening nature for what those in the Ron Paul Revolution called an injustice.

"I know they did him wrong," said Jim Demoret of Florida. "Dr. Paul is right on every issue. We all have the same goal. Let's restore the republic."

Killian Jones of Tennessee was among the 600-plus screaming supporters who waited for the congressman to speak Saturday afternoon. He was thrilled to make the trip.

"It is an exciting time," Jones said. "He has me interested in learning more about him."

Jones also called Paul's exclusion an injustice.

"It just doesn't see, quite right to me," he said.

The congressman spoke about the importance of life, liberty and property. The GOP stressed the need to return more responsibilities to the states, which he deems a positive move.

"Governments are instituted for very limited purposes, to protect life and to protect liberities," the congressman said. "That is what is magnificant about our Constitution. It was very limited in scope. It was not a license for government to do all the things that they do today. It was very narrow and that was the genious of the Constitution."


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