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Saturday, July 21, 2007

The New Digs and the Showdown in South Carolina

I am happy to report that the Ron Paul 2008 campaign team has finished moving into our new, spacious offices in Arlington Virginia. The facility is a huge step up from the 300 square feet we had before. It includes a recording studio, top notch communications systems, volunteer work stations, private offices, conference room, and even a kitchen. We are frantically hiring new staff and organizing volunteers in order to take advantage of all of the new possibilities. It was a lot of work, but as I look around and contemplate my own spacious and well stocked space (I have two computers!), I know that we have what we need to be even more effective and better serve the campaign and Dr. Paul. After all, look what we accomplished with 1/10th of the space!

On an unrelated note, we got a text from Communications Director Jesse Benton down in South Carolina during the candidate luncheon with Dr. Paul. Organizer and critic Rick Beltram, the GOP boss in Spartanburg, first said that Dr. Paul wasn't welcome in his county. When the Pauliacs paralyzed his phones and e-mail with complaints, he reneged and invited Dr. Paul for a luncheon. He then repeatedly raised the price of the luncheon in order to keep attendance low so he could claim Dr. Paul was not popular. He then gave a newspaper interview claiming that Dr. Paul only had 225 RSVP's for the event and he was obviously a non-factor in the race. Well today was the big day and Jesse reports that the hall was standing room only and Dr. Paul received 16 standing ovations from the South Carolina GOP faithful. Once more the establishment Republicans try to marginalize him and once more it blows up in their face!


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