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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

LNC votes to eliminate dues

In a smart and long overdue move, the Libertarian National Committee voted to end all dues associated with membership into the party. The long standing $25 annual fee will be dumped beginning January 1, 2006.

I believe this is a positive move for the LNC to take and puts the LP on more even footing with the Republicans and the Democrats.

Group theory teaches that a larger organization with lower barriers to entry will draw more people then a small, exclusive group; the situation today with the LP. The trade off is that if people are not personally invested in an organization and the organization will either achieve or fail in its objectives regardless of any participation by one individual, then any given individual will have the incentive to free ride, contribute little or nothing yet share fully in the rewards of success.

That said, no political party has ever succeeded as a small, exclusive group. The LP must grow in order to put the boots on the ground to get our voters to the polls, our message to the voters and our candidates the support they need in order to run successful campaigns. Achieving freedom, peace and prosperity in our times is a tall order by any measure, only a large, pragmatic and inclusive Libertarian Party can help bring about those ends and lower barriers to participation is an important step in moving the party, and the nation, in the right direction.

Read the LP press release here.


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