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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Your Iraq Five Day forecast

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Thursday will see an increasing chance of horrific mortality in the north, with a slightly lessening chance of being called home to Allah in the west.

Friday will bring a flurry of car bombs to the Sunni Triangle and Greater Baghdad regions.

Saturday will see a rise in humiliated young men joining the infidels and dying to keep their children fed.

Saturday it looks like some temporary clearing in most of the country, but a rise in sexual humiliation and torture at secret U.S. prisons in Anbar, Mutanna and Irbil.

Sunday you will want to pack your flack jacket if you have to be out as a sharp rise in friendly fire incidences will rob mothers of their children and families of their fathers throughout the nation.

Today 76 more innocent civilians have been killed for George Bush's ego. Read more here.


In Brief:

Canadian Govt' loses confidence vote, but refuses to resign. Promises resignation if budget vote fails. Read more here.

Cuban bomber, responsible for murder of 76, is CIA agent and being protected by US Govt'. Read more here.

While America slept, the US senate voted 100-0 in favor of a war spending bill that will also authorize the creation of a national ID card. Bush says he is "enthusiastic" to sign the bill. New Zealand is looking better and better. Read more here.


"Freedom" in George Bush's America - from

• Paying federal, state, and local income taxes, Social Security taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, excise taxes, and import taxes that add up to almost half of what you earn;

• Standing in long security lines at airports, being forced to remove your jacket and shoes, submitting to searches that are made without any warrant or probable cause, in violation of the 4th amendment to the Constitution;

• Knowing that your email might be filtered and monitored — without a warrant or probable cause;

• Knowing that your bank accounts and other personal affairs are subject to inspection by U.S. Treasury agents — without a warrant or probable cause;

• Knowing that a mistaken identification could cause you to be arrested but never charged with a specific crime, put into prison, denied access to an attorney, and even denied the ability to tell your family where you are — in violation of the 5th and 6th amendments to the Constitution;

• Being forced to testify against yourself by revealing all your income and expense information to the IRS — in violation of the 5th amendment.


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