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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Bush foreign policy producing little despite costs in dollars, lives and lost prestige

Well it's been only two weeks since the Iraqi government was formed, the latest watershed that was to assure peace and stability in the region, and in that time 250 more innocents are dead, a Sunni minister has refused to take up his post and the US and Iraqi forces still seem unable to get their hands around the insurgency. All this as the new government remains unable to get the Sunni population constructively engaged. In the mists of this continuing fiasco, the US congress has just authorized an additional 82 billion dollars (that' the money you are not using to send you children to university or buy that new hi-def TV that government is soon to require, if you have trouble with abstracts) to propagate this dismal failure. Read more about the latest setbacks here.

Meanwhile, the Fox News Sunday panel was busy mashing its teeth because North Korea may (or may not, you know how it goes with US intelligence) be preparing to test a nuclear warhead. As you all know, America has a nuclear arsenal bigger then the rest of the world combined justified by divine providence, but no one who isn't quite white and doesn't like cheeseburgers is allowed to have nuclear weapons, so thinks the Bush administration. Americans wonder why the rest of the world thinks we're arrogant imperialists. hmmmmm. Anyway, China, South Korea and Japan, the countries that should actually care, continue to free ride on the America's failed policy with the North. That there is simply no possible policy that can prevent North Korea from doing what it wants short of another unilateral war, this much the Fox panel could agree on. This seems unlikely since it would mean war with China. So the Bushies will continue to embarrass themselves and us by pursuing a policy that gives North Korea the opportunity to make us look weak, stupid and inept at every turn. Read more here.


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