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Friday, April 22, 2005

ReVote Washington?

As many of you know, I live in Washington State and our recent race for governor has been a complete mess that has led to comparison's to Daley's Chicago of the 1960's and Bush's Florida The main problem is Democrat controlled King County, home of Seattle, the only truly liberal city in the state. The Republican, with Libertarian help, won an extremely close race, but by the time that King County was done rewriting history, a Democrat and well documented eater of the souls of the innocent, Christine Gregoire, was the Governor. Plenty of blame for this travesty can be put on the state Republican party for rolling over and letting it happen, but the fight is far from over. Below are excerpts from an e-mail I just received from ReVote Washington, an organization that has even odds on overturning the election in court. I thought that y'all might find it interesting.
April 22, 2005

Dear Petition Signer:

The Governor’s election mess just got messier. Attorneys fighting for a ReVote just forced King County Elections officials to admit they printed individual ballots ‘on demand’ during the election. No tracking. No accounting. No record kept at all. This latest revelation came during pre-trial depositions. The court trial on the lawsuit challenging the election begins May 23.

A successful lawsuit is now our only hope for a ReVote of the troubled Governor’s election. You know the Legislature refused to call for a new election even after a quarter of a million of us – Democrats, Republicans and Independents – signed the petition. Lawmakers ducked. They said the courts should decide. Attorneys for former Sen. Dino Rossi filed a lawsuit – an election ‘contest.’

This latest election mess revelation comes on top of more ‘found ballots’ in King County this month, news that a ‘faked' King County Absentee Ballot Report was used to certify the election, and the inexplicable fact that King County tallied more votes than voters.

We want to restore the integrity of our voting process.

We support the court fight. If Sen. Rossi wins, and the State Supreme Court upholds the lower court decision, the election can be nullified, the Governor’s Office declared vacant, and a new election can be held this fall. We will have a ReVote. We will begin to restore our faith in the bedrock of democracy: fair elections.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, if she's a well documented eater of innocent people's souls you have to do something. And I thought we in California had it bad with a governor who is a well documented squeezer of women's breasts. (It is not clear whether they were innocent)

5:51 PM  
Blogger Free2Smooze said...

All breasts are innocent until proven guilty

12:26 AM  

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