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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Panzer Pope

In what may be the stupidest decision in the recent history of religion, (and that's saying something) the Catholic church has voted for a new pope that has called the child molestation scandal "media hype", was a Nazi, has called capitalism evil and hails from a country with a dwindling Catholic population. He is a strict conservative who served in the role of enforcer during the reign of John Paul II. He is angry, anti-woman, anti-reformation and anti-liberty. I have read transcripts of his sermons and the bile that this man spews is pure retrograde hogwash. He would have fit much more comfortably into the 12th Century than into this one. I will never understand what motivates that church. It has lasted for many centuries, but it seems that it is dedicated to making this its last.


Anonymous Beth R said...

I agree completely. I have been hearing for sometime how the Latin American countries are turning away from the Catholic Church. This surely won't make anyone there want to stay in the religion!
Since he is already 78 maybe he won't be pope too long! It is all so much politics and maybe they figured they would make people happy by not chosing an Italian but then will do it next time. The Italians have the idea that being a pope is in their DNA. I heard someone actually say that on TV!bethras

8:22 AM  
Blogger Free2Smooze said...

I just watched a report a couple of days ago on the CBC about how Catholicism is loosing parishioners in Guatemala to the high energy, pro-capitalism messages of evangelical protestant sects that are springing up all over Central and South America. They interviewed a Catholic Bishop in Guatemala City and he readily admitted that they are getting their butts kicked and Rome shows no interest in doing anything to stop the bleeding. A Latin Pope would have gone a long ways, a German socialist doesn't- F2S

7:36 PM  

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