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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Lawmakers shocked to learn that federalizing airport security is an abject failure

"A lot of people will be shocked at the billions of dollars we've spent and the results they're going to see, which confirm previous examinations of the Soviet-style screening system we've put in place," - Rep. John Mica, R-Florida
Shocked, shocked I tell you!! Two reports are about to be released that show that after more than three years and BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, airport screeners are not any better than they were on September 11, 2001. Again I ask, when are politicians and the public going to figure out that throwing money and bureaucracy at problems does not improve the problem? I vigorously opposed the federalization of airport screeners from the start because anyone who studies public institutions knows that they are systemically flawed and, by nature, incapable of creating efficient outcomes. Yet our politicians want desperately to be seen doing something so they continue to propagate the lie that the answer to our problems simply lies in giving them over to government and then washing our (the citizens) hands of any responsibility. This had led to a nation that spends more per student than any other country on education, but finished 38th in actually educating them. So it is with our airports. If you want to make air travel safer, turn the issue over to the airlines, after all their the ones who will pay the price if their planes start falling out of the sky. But the federal government gives them cover and deflects responsibility so that in the end no one is accountable. Do you think that these reports will change anything? Of course not, already Democrat representative Peter DeFazio has come out and said that the problem isn't the system, its the technology. What then, Mr. DeFazio, has the government been spending BILLIONS OF DOLLARS on?!? The mind wobbles. Read more here.
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