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Sunday, January 09, 2005

U.S. Ambassador says Canada is on board with missile defense plan

This is apparently a surprise to the Canadians, however. PM Paul Martin and Conservative Leader Stephen Harper are mute on the point and the other major parties are all opposed. The issue hasn't even been debated in parliament yet, so I am curious where Ambassador Paul Cellucci is getting his insight. I imagine many Canadians are asking the same question. Read more here.
Here is the complete 2005 Index of Economic Freedoms as measured by Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal.
Several countries have libertarian movements that are considerably more successful then the U.S. Costa Rico's Movimiento Libertario has elected 5 congressmen and in New Zealand, LibertariaN.Z. and, to a lesser degree, ACT seek to preserve and extend the libertarian revolution that turned that nation into one of the most free and successful countries in the world after years of central control nearly bankrupted it. There is even hope for France in the form of Liberté j'écris ton nom (Liberty, I Write Your Name) and its beautiful and brilliant young spokesperson, Sabrine Herold. (I must admit, I have a bit of a crush on her)
I encourage everyone to support the United Civil Party of Belarus which is fighting an uphill battle against that nation's authoritarian leadership and their Russian handlers. They document the almost daily abuses by their government on their website and have suffered harassment, detentions and break-ins in their fight to free their nation.


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