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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Still no Patriot Act convictions for terrorism

Today, the federal government announced that will prosecute a New Jersey man for shining a laser into the cockpit of a private jet. The prosecution will be the sixth in three years under provisions of the Patriot Act; none of those prosecutions have been for terrorism! When John Ashcroft stood before the microphone and assured Americans that the powers given to the fed by the Patriot act would not be abused, he was lying. Anyone who believes that ceeding personal liberty to the government will stop terrorism is diluting themselves. Terrorism has existed as long as societies have; and will exist long after we are dead and buried. Giving up freedom to the state will not make us safer, only less free. The Patriot Act and the upcoming Patriot II should be wadded up and thrown in the trash.


Blogger MajorDad said...

Hmmm...hard to make a call on this one. If stupidity were against the law, there'd be plenty of other folks out there standing in line to be arraigned.

HOWEVER...I think that in the interest of safe, air travel, we need to make an example of this one JACKASS we were able to catch. If nothing else it will be SOMETHING of a deterrent to other stupid people out there playing with lasers in their backyards.

As far as the Patriot Act goes...I think that any honorably discharged veteran ought to get a pretty free pass when it comes to some of the nonsense out there today. Well, actually yesterday when I got to damned near disrobe in the El Paso Airport. Yes, I did wear the stinkiest pair of shoes I own! If they wanna be stupid with me...I can be stupid right back, in spades!

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