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Monday, January 03, 2005

Airline security is rightly the responsibility of the airlines

Accountability. It is a word often bandied about in the most generic of ways; sort of an unachievable, but infinitely desirable goal. Airport and airline security is a perfect example. If it were the airlines themselves who were responsible for securing their planes, instead of the unaccountable, inefficient government mess that is the ironically named Transportation Security Administration, security would be better and consumers of airline travel would receive better and less intrusive service. After all, it is the airlines who would not want the bad press associated with strip searching an 80 year old Norwegian grandfather or a Japanese paraplegic. Similarly, any airline held responsible for securing their planes would know that they would never recover from allowing a suicide bomber or hijacker onto one of their flights. Therefore, they would screen smart instead of implementing a baffling patchwork of secret security measures that the TSA now operates under. Left to their own devices and freed from stupid and dangerous politically correct nonsense such as not targeting high risk passengers for additional screening, airlines could deliver better, cheaper and more efficient service to their consumers. This is just another example of how the free market is better equipped then the government to serve consumers.
Another example of an arena that the government should be eliminated from is the maintenance of roads, bridges and railways. Read more on the provocative, but compelling argument for privatizing infastructure.


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