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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Peace for Sudan?

An amazing thing happened yesterday that very few in the West seem to notice; Sudan's Muslim-dominated central government signed a peace accord with Christian and Animist rebels that have fought for 21 years for the right to self-rule. The accords concludes a two-year long negotiation to end the conflict that has claimed more then two million lives. The most stunning aspect of the agreement is the provision that calls for a plebiscite in six years in which the south will decide whether to remain part of the central government in Khartoum or form their own independent nation. Read more about the peace agreement here. Learn more about Sudan here. There are still two more conflicts going on Sudan. Many hope that this peace agreement will create momentum to force the government to end its support of the genocide in Darfur and to negotiate a truce with insurgents in the far north.
Sometimes you just want to laugh. I find that blowing up little disembodied Al Gore heads does the trick for me. To that end, brings you Liberal Invaders.


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