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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Life, death and personal choice

Earlier today, I read an interesting posting on the Fresh Politics Blog. I attempted to post a comment regarding the post, but for reasons my untechnical brain cannot fathom, I was unable to. However it is a powerful issue that touches us all on a number of levels so I invite you to read A Real Life or Death Issue and then read my comments about it. Please feel free to add your own comments as well. - F2S


Blogger Free2Smooze said...

Any libertarian philosopher would point out that the concept of rights necessities the acceptance of responsibility. This woman's failure to plan for the possibility she now faces by preparing a living will that gives instructions as to how she would want to be treated under these circumstances does, it seems to me, give over the right to make the decision for herself by default. Since the courts are constitutionally designed to be the arbitrator in civil matters, the family members have pursued an appropriate course of action to seek relief in state courts. The real statist power play in all this is that of Governor Bush and the Florida legislator in passing a law that interferes with the rights of the complainants to have their case resolved in the appropriate venue. More generally, I can not imagine a more powerful expression of the sovereignty of the individual than the choice to control one’s own death. For the state to deny that control is to soil the very idea of personal liberty and responsibility.

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