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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

War costs will soon top 225 billion

The Washington Post reports that President Bush, if re-elected, has a plan to request an additional 70 billion dollars in February of next year for Iraq. Do you remember that assurance that Iraqi oil would pay the costs of reconstruction? Oil prices are at an all time high, yet this money does not seem to be stemming the flow of U.S. tax dollars into Iraq. I find it a difficult tight rope walk for George Bush to say he has done everything possible to improve the economy with that much liquidity being wasted overseas by his administration. This is just one of the contradictions between this administration and conservative ideas about our country's role in the world and in our economy. The Big Republicanism of the Bush administration has many economic conservative and/or social libertarian voters fleeing for the big L Libertarians or the Constitution party, or just staying home. This could end up being the big story of the 2004 election if Bush fails to win. On the otherhand, 71% of Republicans still approve of Bush despite his lack of conservative credentials or credibility. This is, according to Brian Doherty of Reason, an example of a sort of tribalism, a pre-intellectual vision of conservativism, a pack mentality devoid of principles. This is the ultimate failing of all political orders. That the hunger for power will overwhelm the ideals of so many is perhaps the saddest commentary on the intellectual and emotional development of human kind. After so many generations, in spite of stunning achievements, we are still little better than are own desire to impose our will upon others. Even if it costs us our values.


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