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To defend the principles of human liberty; to educate; to be vigilant against the ever expanding power of the state.

Monday, October 18, 2004

T.A.C. makes the case and Bush's Police State

The American Conservative has opted to give each of its editorialists the chance to endorse his own candidate rather than make an endorsement as a group. The overriding message of all of these writers is that George W. Bush is the pits. Pat Buchanan argues unconvincingly and unconvinced that we should choke back the tears and pull the lever for Dubya. Howard Phillips and Taki make much more ringing endorsements for Michael Peroutka. Scott McConnell thinks Kerry is the best bad choice. Alan Bock suggests that the Michael Badnarik is the best vehicle for despondent conservatives. Justin Raimondo says its all about Nader. Kara Hopkins says, "Just stay home!"
Dissent will not be tolerated by America's monarch. Be VERY afraid! Read a review of James Bovard's new book, The Bush Betrayal, here. Buy it here.


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