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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ron Paul - Petition Against Media Bias

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From: Free Market News Network

A new petition has been launched at to demand, "Fair and equal treatment in the media of Dr Ron Paul's presidential election campaign." is "a free service provided to help concerned citizens rally support for issues they believe in."

A release from petition organizers reads as follows:

Dr. Ron Paul has done far better than anyone could have expected in the early going for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. After the first Republican debates sponsored by MSNBC on May 3rd in San Diego, Dr. Paul was the clear winner in all of the various poll questions conducted by MSNBC on their own website. Then, on May 15th, he was a very close second (some claim he finished 2nd and not 1st because of hijinx) in the debates in South Carolina.

In the first instance, Dr. Paul was "rewarded" by MSNBC by dropping from 9th to 12th (dead last) shortly thereafter in their rankings of the Republicans most likely to win the nomination. There was also not a single mention on their network that Dr. Paul had been the consensus and clearcut winner in all of their own polling data.

In the post-debate show conducted by Fox News after their debate on May 15th, the treatment of Dr. Paul was blatantly negative. One of the invited guests on the show actually said that "Dr. Paul is finished," moments before the results of the Fox News call-in polling flashed on the screen showing that Dr. Paul had won their debate. Sean Hannity was also blatantly rude to Dr. Paul after the debates.

These are merely examples. The mainstream media's treatment of Dr. Paul has been routinely negative and/or purposely inaccurate. Campaign supporters have begun a petition demanding fair and equal treatment in the MSM.


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