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Monday, July 18, 2005

The Rove Thing

I had hoped to avoid commenting on the Karl Rove leak story because, frankly, I think it is a really stupid thing to be spending time on. That said, the media, the Democrats, and now, the Libertarians, are all having kittens over it so my hand has been forced.

Please check the following items that you didn't already know:

º The Bush White House lies and manipulates facts, reporters and events.

º Karl Rove is a top political consultant because he is an amoral opportunist.

º George Bush always finds a way to avoid taking responsibility for his own words and actions.

º Joe Wilson, his wife, and the Democrat party are all partisans that want to discredit the Bushies.

º The Washington power structure is deeply corrupt.

º The Yellow Cake story, like all the WMD lies, were just that.

So, given what we already knew, how does this Rove story advance the ball in any way? It is just more of the same. That may sound cynical, but after 5 years of this, it should also ring true.

I have looked at the law and it is very narrowly construed, there is not going to be an indictment and there is zero chance of a conviction is there were. So we are left with George Bush and his promise to fire anyone found to be leaking. I guess if you want to hang your hat on George Bush's integrity you can, but as far as I'm concerned there is just no where for this story to go.


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