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Monday, June 27, 2005

Libertarian running strong for San Diego Mayor

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"Only in San Diego would we expect a Libertarian to be in the front of the pack."-- KPBS TV, 27 May, 2005

Dear Libertarian, Richard Rider, taxpayer advocate and lifelong Libertarian, is running for Mayor of San Diego! With your help, we can put a Libertarian at the helm of the 7th largest city in America, gaining national recognition and legitimacy. Please visit the Rider for Mayor campaign to light the fires of liberty in San Diego, California and the entire country!

Does Richard Rider have what it takes? Can he really win this election? Consider this:
Rider is a well-known taxpayer advocate in California. He successfully sued, then forced San Diego County to repeal an illegal Sales Tax hike. This resulted in over 3.3 billion dollars of tax savings
The prestigious Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association endorses Rider
Rider already has over $120,000 in his Campaign war chest, putting him solidly in third place for fundraising
Rider has been in numerous newspaper articles, radio spots and TV broadcasts
Rider has an amazing campaign team, including former Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Nolan
Rider has been invited to all 17 upcoming debates
Rider has a Plan to Save San Diego
Rider has a strong chance of winning! Only one Democrat is running and the Republican vote is split
Rider has a history of success. He came in third, with 19.4% of the vote, in his bid for San Diego County Supervisor.

Rider has the potential to be in the national spotlight! Go to their website and find out how to get involved. With your help, Rider can win this election.

Thank you for your support,

The National Libertarian Party


Or call them toll-free: (866) 352-7274.

"Taxpayer Advocate Richard Rider probably has saved San Diego taxpayers more money than all the local San Diego politicians elected in the last 20 years -- combined! We trust him to solve San Diego's financial problems."- Jon Coupal, President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association


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