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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Homeland Insecurity?

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Let me lay out a hypothetical situation. Suppose you are a federal border agent in, say, Calais, Maine, and this fellow came walking up from the Canadian side carrying a homemade sword engraved with a swastika, a hatchet, a knife, two sets of brass knuckles, pepper spray, A BLOODY CHAINSAW and wearing a bloody flack jacket, claiming to be a army officer in the service of the President on his way to meet a waiting helicopter! Don't you think that perhaps, just maybe, this would be grounds for further investigation. Apparently not. I guess that as long as you don't check out "The Anarchist Cookbook" from the local library, send an email calling the President a fascist twit or are an 82 year old grandmother flying from Boca to Virginia Beach to see the grand kids, you are safe from the scrutiny of federal officials. What makes this case even more galling is the fact that I get the "deep cavity search" treatment every time I come back from a day of cross-border shopping, and I almost always leave my bloody chainsaw at home! Read the complete story here.
Do you think that a day goes by that Carl Rove doesn't wake up, kneel at the foot of his bed and thank God that Howard Dean is the DNC Chairman? Read more here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The guy in the picture doesn't look Mexican, so why would the INS be interested? Almost seriously, though, the guy looks so crazy he just has to be an American citizen.

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