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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Why hasn't 40 years of failed wealth redistribution programs for Africa taught these men anything?

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President Bush continued in a long line of worthless, stupid and self-defeating Africa policies this week announcing that over 350 million dollars would be poured into the pockets of the very people who have an interest in seeing that certain pesky segments of their populations starve to death. Remember all the money the West sent Ethiopia in the 1980's? It fed the soldiers who were oppressing the people who were dying. Our aid actually made it worse. The economic and political policies that African governments pursue make it impossible to throw money at the problem and call it a solution. The same policies have been in place since the end of colonialism and despite billions and billions of dollars wasted, the living conditions of most African people has not improved one bit, in many cases it is far worse. But I guess it makes liberals sleep better and that's the important thing, right? Read more here and here.


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