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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Political labels in the modern American vernacular

Daniel McCarthy, writing for The American Conservative, looks at the truths and untruths of the labels we use in order to define political ideologies and how the party dynamics are changing in a nation where the "conservative" party controls the entire government and is governing like irresponsible statists. Read the article here.
From the Politically Incorrect File:
Camille Paglia, the anti-feminist feminist, in arguing against Susan Sontag's assertion that in order for women to be considered equal in the work place, there must be strict rules of interaction and any sexual banter constitutes sexual harassment, stated that the exact opposite was the case. Paglia believes that the only way for women to become equal is for them to duke it out in the trenches with the men, not coddled and protected by laws designed to insulate them and make them a special protected class. A recent study by the University of Washington seems to support that position. The study looked at the culture of restaurants and concluded that sexual banter is little more then a normal part of human interaction and, normally, represents little or no threat to those employed in such an environment. In fact, the study found that such exchanges can enhance the work environment. Personally, I have always contended it is only sexual harassment when ugly people do it, the rest of us call it flirting.


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