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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The marriage racket

I have often commented that the solution to the gay marriage debate is not to legalize gay marriage, but rather to take all regulation of private relations out of the hands of government and back into the purview of the church where it has traditionally resided. John Coleman has made this case brilliantly and demonstrated how the state abuses its authority over marriage. Read the story here.
On an unrelated note, Brian Doherty looks at the new back door national I.D. card and other outrages passed by the House as part of H.R. 418. Read the article here. I also encourage everyone to contact their senators and express their outrage with this monstrosity.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Coleman has an interesting idea, but I don't think he makes a brilliant case for privatizing marriage. Maybe it's your use of the word "church" that is confusing me. Marriage is an older institution than church, if church refers to Christianity. I think he is recommending that marriage be a religious rite only, not a legally binding agreement between spouses. Correct? Wouldn't that be pretty much the same as doing away with marriage?

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