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Monday, February 14, 2005

State v. corporate power

I recently received this comment in response to a post on state power...

Anonymous said...
"... What progressives often point out is that
government power may not, in modern times, be any more harmful to our liberty
than corporate power, since we can at least try to make our government more
democratic and responsive to the public will, but we cannot force a corporation
to behave responsibly."

As those of you who know me personally know, this question of corporate or free market power is one of my favorites. Unfortunately, today is a travel day and I don't have time to fully address this question now. I will, however, post, in the next couple of days, an analysis of the role of corporate power in modern American life and the nature and dynamic of the relationship between corporations and the state. Thank you to all of you who regularly read and/or post comments to this site or e-mail me with your thoughts. I very much enjoy the intellectual challenge that you all provide and the opportunity to express my views. - F2S


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