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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Washington State Dems recounted until they got result they wanted

As of late Wednesday afternoon, it appears that the Democrat efforts to "count all the ballots" until they counted enough to win, has paid off. Bloomberg reported last night that the Dems had managed to squeak out an 8 vote win when King County (Seattle area) reports their recount results today. Furthermore, the heavily Democratic Washington Supreme Court has, just today, overturned a lower court ruling that over 700 new ballots discovered after the second recount began should be included in that count. So, it seems, the Democrats have perfected the strategy that they began to employ in Florida in 2000. If the race is close, keep counting until they win. In this case, Republican Dino Rossi had already won the original vote count and a machine recount. The Democrats themselves paid for a second recount in order to change the results of an election where there were no claims of fraud or irregularities, just the wrong result. Needless to say, the Republicans and Libertarians are NOT happy. I would expect many more court fights and a possible re-vote before the state seats a new governor.


Blogger Gindy said...

How long can they drag it on for.

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