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Friday, September 07, 2007

Ron Paul Polling 3rd among GOP activists and rising!

Rep. Ron Paul showed the biggest gain from Grassfire’s May poll, rising from seventh position (6 percent) to a solid third position (13 percent) – a more than a 50 percent increase in support among grassroots conservatives. Mike Huckabee’s support also rose, from 3 to 7 percent. “Paul’s rise shows that conservatives are not all that thrilled with the anointed frontrunners,” says Elliott. “Paul’s message is resonating with many conservatives, and it would be wise for the other candidates to take note.”

Survey methodology conducted the survey August 27-September 2. All active team members were invited to participate. 39,440 participated. The survey has a margin of error of less than 1% at a 99% confidence level for the audience of approximately 1 million grassroots conservatives.


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