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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fairfield Iowa Rally draws 600!

Brother Joe Seehusen preaching liberty in Fairfield

I'm a bit of a proud papa tonight. On Sunday, we held a rally in Fairfield. I was tasked last Tuesday with organizing an event in this small, rural Iowa town. With only five days to plan, organize and execute, I divided my time between putting together the rally and my numerous other functions on behalf of the campaign.

With the help of former Libertarian Party chief Joe Seehusen and several local volunteers, most notably Roger Leahy, we were able to draw 600 people! The event itself featured two live bands, a soloist and, of course, Dr. Paul preachin' truth to the people. The atmosphere was electric and we received a large number of commitments to attend the Iowa Straw Poll and vote for Dr Paul. He spoke for well over an hour an seemed to feed on the energy of the crowd.

I also got to enjoy the most wonderfully refreshing local drink, cucumber lime juice! Don't laugh it was delicious.

The next big event that I have been working on is a rally and concert in Cedar Rapids for Thursday night. Yea, I like to book bands...such is my nature.

Cheers from the road - F2S


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