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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Blair's futile call for Americans to support Kyoto

British Prime Minister Tony Blair told the conference at Davos yesterday that:

"I support the Kyoto Protocol. Others will not . . . but business and the global
economy need to know this isn't an issue that is going away."
He went on to explain that if the U.S. expected Europe to play ball on terrorism, then the U.S. needs to get behind Kyoto. Read the story here. There are three primary reasons that will never happen. One - the science isn't there, no matter how much many activists want to disagree. Is global warming happening? Yes. Is it as a result of human actions? Maybe. Will the warming trend be significant enough to justify the prescriptions of Kyoto on the U.S.? No. Two - American sovereignty trumps international agreements. To even enter into Kyoto, something congress has no stomach for, would be a violation of U.S. sovereignty and the Constitution. Three - the cost to benefit ratio of Kyoto is unacceptable to U.S. businesses. The price tag to implement Kyoto along with the economic drag it would create far outweigh the potential benefits. The bottom line is that Blair may find common ground between Europe and the U.S., but Kyoto is not the issue to look for it on. Read more about the truth behind global warming hysteria here.


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